Baddoll tackles rumours on new single

August 04, 2020

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Baddoll is coming out bold and direct with her new single, Come Around.

The track speaks blatantly about people who often come to a false conclusion about an individual without giving them the benefit of the doubt, or even trying to get to know the individual.

" Come Around touches on an emotive topic; everyone at some point in their lives has experienced this. There is always that one negative person or set of people who always want to spread false information and negativity," she said.

Baddoll said the false narratives being spread often inflict hurtful reactions.

"People love to talk and make their judgements, especially when you're striving in life. So I'm basically saying, if you know, you know; or come around, get to know me, and find out," she said.

Baddoll, who hails from Kingston, also vocalises her opinion and stance on how women should take a position against being mishandled by men under any circumstance.


"More than anything, I want to encourage women right across the world and tell them that they are strong and that they should not stay in a situation where they are mistreated by men; know your worth," she said.

Come Around is produced by Big Zim Records on the Naked Weapon rhythm and has become a powerful anthem for the women since its release.

"So far, the feedback on the song has been excellent; a lot of people have been gravitating towards it. They love the beat, it has a superb dancehall vibe and it's catchy, and people like the content and the message I'm putting out in this song," Baddoll said.

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