‘Go Down Deh’ shows Spice is still queen - music insiders

June 16, 2021

At the start of the year, many music critics pegged Shenseea as a top contender for Spice's 'Queen of Dancehall' title.

But following the massive international success of Go Down Deh, Spice's collaboration with Shaggy and Sean Paul, music industry insiders believe this serves as a reminder that at least for now, there is only one queen in the dancehall castle.

"I've said this before, Shenseea a go be the next Queen of Dancehall but she affi wait her turn. Spice still is the Queen of Dancehall and she nuh do nothing fi give it up yet. Spice still a attract the numbers same way even inna time when so many other women are doing their thing and claiming a piece of the spotlight," said artiste manager Heavy D.

Controversial emcee Nuffy, who told THE STAR in January that 'Spice crown gone clean' has stated that the historic moves being made by Go Down Deh could have only been done with Spice as the female force. He says the song is a big win for dancehall and "now is the time for the industry to move forward".

"This success anuh nutten strange this for Spice cuz a long time she a do the work," he said. "This is not about no crown thing. The success is important for all of us as Jamaicans. It's a good look for the culture and mi glad say a Gracie dweet, so go Gracie." Nuffy also suggested that the time is right for dancehall's leading ladies to collaborate on a project.

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