Nervz turns up the heat with ‘Street College’ mixtape

June 16, 2021

Spanish Town-based newcomer Nervz is getting ready to release his mixtape, titled Street College.

The dancehall artiste is working with production entity Quantanium Records to bring his messages of real-life issues, matters of the heart, street culture and societal issues to the masses.

Scheduled for a June 18 release, Street College will also feature productions by JJ Bently and State Gangster. The deejay says the project will signal his entry as a competitor in the fierce dancehall game.

"I am bringing energy, the vibe and the facts. The journey has been a rough but memorable one, and I have learnt so much over a short period of time," the deejay explained.

Nervz has been making a name for himself on the underground circuit. His songs, like Money Call and Polo Fi Days have been featured on numerous mixtapes.

"The feedback has been splendid. The reactions to Money Call make me feel accepted in the industry, while Polo fi Days has been buzzing across the country since it was released two weeks ago," said Nervz.

The deejay, given name Michael Atkinson has been working with Quantanium Records (best known for Jahmiel's chart-topping single Gain the World) in a bid to reach a larger audience with his work.

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