Jhavan gets a buzz with ‘Naa Change’

October 22, 2021

Dancehall artiste Jhavan, given name Cruise Pickering, is riding high with his latest single, ' Naa Change'.

The single, which is co-produced by Aizen Musiq and Real Pagers Records, is distributed by Zojak World Wide Distribution.

"The music industry has been treating me great so far. I really feel like I am on the rise right now. The single is getting a great response in western Jamaica, and even in Kingston. People are seeing the talent I am bringing to the game," said Jhavan who is also the CEO of Aizen Musiq. He considers himself a full package as he is an artiste, producer, engineer and composer.

"I am using all my talents to get my music across to the world," he said. He is considering shooting a video for Naa Change given the buzz, so far.

"The analytics show that the song is trending in 13 states in the US and it's also doing well in South American countries like Brazil," he said.

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