La Lewis wants Miss Kitty to start having children

September 23, 2022
L.A. Lewis
L.A. Lewis
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

Self-proclaimed maroon emperor LA Lewis says his suggestion that it was time for media personality and attorney-at-law, Khadine 'Miss Kitty' Hylton, to have children should be seen as nothing more than friendly advice.

Lewis, in a video posted to his social media pages, said, "Miss Kitty need fi guh breed!"

"Miss Kitty a big old woman now. Aunty Kitty, you need fi get a man fi guh breed yuh. Yuh need a pickney inaa your life, Miss Kitty. Anuh like you inah your 30s again, Miss Kitty. You inna yuh 40s now, you soon galling inah your 50s, but your body look good!"

Contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR to explain why he thought his comments were appropriate , Lewis said he is concerned she would miss her chance at motherhood.

"You have some people seh mi a wait til me career get through first before mi have pickney -- mi a wait fi have certain things first before mi have pickney -- but when dem do ready fi have pickney, the time run out pon dem, and they can't have pickney again," Lewis said.

"So I'm just concerned about Miss Kitty now, who is my friend, cause the time a run out. She inah ar 40 odd now, and in a few years she a guh reach har 50," he said.

Miss Kitty, 41, through her team, declined to comment on the matter. However, in a 2020 interview with this newspaper, she expressed her disdain for people who pressure women to have children.

"Sometimes before we are neighbourhood watching on people's ovaries, we need to mind our business. Child-bearing and child-rearing is not something to take lightly, and every woman in her own time will make that decision. Stop pressuring women to have children, it's not your business," she said.

While Miss Kitty has not directly addressed Lewis' comments, social media users are speculating that her lengthy greetings during her Instagram live on Wednesday were aimed at him.

She said, "Good afternoon to all the people with real jobs, real lives and doing real things. Good afternoon to everyone, those of us who are actually productive in real life, those of us who are not delusional, those of us who are not psychotic or sociopath. Good afternoon to every productive and progressive person in reality."

Lewis, who in addition to calling himself a maroon paramount chief high priest, holds himself out as an entertainer who uses the moniker 7-star General, said he does not believe those comments were aimed at him.

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