New attitude for Queen Nikki in 2023

January 06, 2023
Queen Nikki
Queen Nikki

Recording artiste and entrepreneur Queen Nikki says she is not daunted by the music industry gatekeepers or by limited opportunities for female acts like her.

At the start of last summer, the Tears of Joy singjay released her debut EP for which she said she had major plans.

"The goals continue to be to work hard on my music and push further to making the big dreams I have come true ... my Struggles and Pain EP was just a teaser of what is to come."

Queen Nikki added that she has left all negative energy behind, "because in a new year it is necessary to come with a new attitude".

"Anybody who brings negativity to me, I'm going to turn it into something positive," she said. She understands that as a dancehall artiste, success is significantly influenced by the amount of support one gets from the gatekeepers, such as party promoters, labels, producers, radio DJs, online influencers and the media. But Queen Nikki claims that she has a 'master key'.

She said, "People already recognise my talent and know that when it comes to putting on a performance, I don't hold back. However, I'm amping up my promotion because as an artiste, we must know how to promote our own brands while a whole heap of things are going on in the background. All these people [gatekeepers] are across the world looking at that, and you never know which one going fly the gate for you." On social media, Queen Nikki has been consistently posting, sharing and engaging fans and she has also shared that she is taking orders for dubs and jingles and collaborations, and is available for bookings as an artiste and event host.

And though the entertainer has her guard up following a previous relationship being under the public microscope, she has also shared she has found new love.

"Well, me never know dem type of nice man still exists in the world. This is a man who is very dedicated to his career as a music engineer but he is supportive of mine too and loves my two children like his own," she said.

Queen Nikki, who has been mourning the loss of her dancehall comrade DJ Raevas, said she is ready to move on from sadness.

"His death hit close to home as he is like a brother to me," she said, adding that she is trying to stay focused despite her emotions.

"I'm getting great feedback to the promotion that I'm already doing for 2023. Couple calls have come in as well for bookings to travel across the Caribbean to perform and to host events, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Right now, I want people to stay tuned because my team and I are already working on another full project to release this year," Queen Nikki said.

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