Don Husky has no intention of returning to the streets

March 03, 2023
Don Husky is deep into a message as he performs for the audience at Super Heavy Wednesdays.
Don Husky is deep into a message as he performs for the audience at Super Heavy Wednesdays.

In a little more than 10 years, Don Husky has come from nowhere to establish himself as a promising artiste with sound lyrics and an amazing presence.

The proof was in the reactions of the audience at Super Heavy Wednesdays and the special Reggae Month edition of Original Dancehall Thursday, held at Rebel T Headquarters last week.

Don Husky's rise from street-corner vending to centre stage is a remarkable achievement, all the more impressive given that he has managed to garner the attention of some of the popular names in the music industry, including TJ Records, Foota Hype and Downsound Records' Joe Bogdanovich.

"I used to sell the 'cheap and clean' in the earlier period of my career. I never did a nine-to-five; it was all about hustling in the streets, selling the $300 blouse dem, and when me get my likkle money, I find myself at events where I could get a chance at the microphone. Deejaying was one of my tools of sales, and while life wasn't perfect, I did what I had to do," Don Husky told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Foota Hype was the person who introduced me to Downsound Records, which at the time was seeking new talent. Some of my earlier songs like On and On and Meditation were recorded, and them give me the push start I needed," he added. "I have no intention of returning to the streets unless is to deliver music."

Raised in White Hall, Don Husky, whose given name is Rushane Brown, said that he is from humble beginnings but has maintained an attitude that seeks to step away from "sad stories".

Prior to music, he had hoped to attend the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts to further studies for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. But he was unable to do so due to financial difficulties.

Don Husky hopes to put his full journey into lyrics for a wholesome project. Having started out as a hardcore dancehall artiste, he said that he has now recognised the true power that roots reggae has over his life and career, and how passionate he is about music.

Following an eventful Reggae Month, and his 2020 single Ancestors regaining traction, Don Husky is optimistic that stages such as Reggae Sumfest and Rebel Salute 2024 will welcome his talent.

"Everybody has been giving me good vibes. My sound and image has evolved, persons even surprised to see that I have locs, as many know me with low hair or as a plait-up-hair youth in the streets," he said.

"I don't do one genre, but the universe has led me to hit hard, but with a softer style and more conscious direction. I've been told I have a powerful, commanding voice, and producers are now requesting me to record. From that event at Rebel T HQ, where I was among veterans like Fantan Mojah and Mr G, I've received more dubplate requests, especially for Ancestors," Don Husky continued. "I want to make an impact."

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