There’s much more to me than sex – Dovey Magnum

March 03, 2023
Dovey Magnum
Dovey Magnum

Dovey Magnum is crying on the floor of a studio, overwhelmed with emotion at the listening session of her finally completed EP.

"I'm just so excited. Just knowing I have completed a full body of work, which I had my head to toe in. I had to drop to my knees to give God thanks for giving me the strength to push through all the challenges," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Dovey Magnum does not deny the rumours of having been proclaimed the 'filth queen' of dancehall by some critics.

"But this is a compilation that shows me being me, expressing a different type of Dovey Magnum and a different style of lovemaking," she said. The dancehall singjay is aware of the labels, resulting in her Instagram account being shadow-banned at close to 500,000 followers, and it has created a stigma which Dovey Magnum argued is not the true representation of her talent.

"The dancehall I grow up on and used to is sex. It is what inspires a lot of my songs. But there's much more to me than sex. People see me and automatically think sex, to the point where I'm approached with demands from some so-called professionals, for me to sleep with them in order to take the music further," she said.

She expressed joy to have been able to complete her latest compilation, courtesy of Royalty Entertainment of Ocho Rios, St Ann, without any of the stresses that come with being a female artiste establishing herself. The seven-track EP is appropriately titled No Filter and each production is accompanied by visuals.

"I'm happy to say I finished the EP without having to degrade myself or without being uncomfortable and God was in the midst of everything. I seriously had lots of fun doing the songs for the project," Dovey Magnum shared.

She implored independent artistes like her to invest in themselves first and not to give up on a business or a job prior to jumping head first into recording music professionally. The singjay revealed that her label, 1 Son Entertainment, is part of the next big project, her album, and has also produced music for her son, Jay, who turns 20 in August. Dovey Magnum said she heads to Cayman Islands for the first time on March 17.

"I have been on a different level. I learn something new about myself and realise I should never limit myself. Most of my stress has been from lack of financial support but my well-being comes first," she said. "I've experienced life-threatening things and trust me, when I look into my career and myself, I wish I was praying differently, like now. I'm growing and I see where things are changing."

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