Shaneil Muir ventures into beauty industry - Recording artiste to open salon

March 07, 2023
Shaneil Muir
Shaneil Muir

Singjay Shaneil Muir has decided to expand her revenue streams and venture into beauty care with the opening of her first salon and hair product company in her hometown of Montego Bay.

The multi-talented entertainer has been working hands-on to complete work on her salon for the past three months. On the weekend ,she shared a video on her Instagram account showing the transformation of a space from the architectural plan into what she is calling Shaneil Muir's Exclusive Collectionz Limited located in the Catherine Hall Plaza.

"Apart from being a Montegonian, and a woman who has had challenges with finding the right hair and hair care needs within the community and in the surrounding areas, I've always thought there is a need for more of these businesses and I'm ready to fill that gap because I'm yet to see a store like mine in the parish," Muir told THE STAR.

Muir said that not only will women be able to walk in and make purchases of exclusive items such as the highest grade 12A hair bundles, they can have them installed. Other hair supplies including tools and cosmetics will also be available. The grand opening is slated for March 17.

"The team I have is made up of some of the best of the best, and I'm looking forward to doing great work and delivering top class and exclusive customer service with them. I'm also excited to provide quality products, and we cater to different hair types and will also have hair of different textures," she said.

Muir said that she had a passion for beauty, hair and cosmetics and wanted to venture into this industry outside of music. She said that her goal is to have a franchise across the island depending on how successful her pilot salon. Last October, she announced that she would be quitting dancehall but keeping her contractual agreements up to February. However, Muir admitted that if an opportunity to record entices her, she may find herself back in the studio.

"This top girl has gone into entrepreneurship, so the opening of the store is my main priority but definitely I will be continuing music. Obviously, I cannot destroy or remove that part of me because it is part of what makes me who I am," she said. "Music remains in the play. For example, if an international act or one of my peers requires my talent, it just depends on what such is about and I may or may not take part in it, it all depends on the nature of the business as well. It's fair to say I will be doing whatever my mind tells me."

Muir did not confirm or deny that she would be musically transitioning into gospel but said that persons would be getting "less secular music".

"I'll be producing or creating music that is solely about who I have always been. So music lovers are going to get something that makes sense from Shaneil Muir. I haven't thought too far into the future just yet, but I'll see what happens, mi jussa tek it one step at a time, mi nah rush it," Muir said.

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