TallUp working for more features on local stages

March 14, 2023

Dancer-turned-artiste TallUp is looking to stir the dancehall pot with her fusion of controversial lyrics and a new, international-flavoured sound.

She has been on many local stages as a dancer, performing for some of the top acts, and taking titles such as International Dancehall Queen in 2013. But she told THE STAR that she is ready to leave her mark on Jamaica's stage show scene.

"I'm looking forward to getting booked for Reggae Sumfest's 'Dancehall Night' because I've been working hard for that feature," she said.

Songs like Rocking Dolly, Liquor Inna Cup with Potential Kidd, and Twerk Alert have earned TallUp both local and international success. She is currently awaiting the release of the remix of Twerk Alert, which features Love and Hip Hop: Miami main cast member Sukihana.

"I believe I've been handling the dancehall scene well...right now the scene overseas well hot, it a burn up; and same way a yard, where I'm still hot, still considered a queen from MoBay," TallUp shared, although she revealed that she has experienced unfair treatment.

"I went to a party I was booked for, ended up leaving upset because I wasn't being treated fairly by the promoter. And in venting to one of my DJ friends and mentors Ikel Marvelous, him say I must record when I feel some type a way."

That led to the freestyle which she has dubbed Tea Time, which is inspired by the podcast of media personality Shelly-Ann Curran. The production by Kemar 'DJ Flava' McGregor and College Boiz is not yet released but already has the fraternity's support, with professionals like producers Jazzwad and Skatta Burrell and artistes Macka Diamond, Marcy Chin and Sher Luxury Doll projecting it as a potential hit.

"Well, basically, the inspiration is from the whole beat, that the 'We A Run Di Grung', but I never actually thought to jump on it, because everybody did a do that and I was already working on a song. And then, Shelly, she inspire me as a female a do her thing and ah talk di tings dem ... . She never expect it and I wanted to give her an anthem by endorsing her," she said. "The freestyle wasn't to spark nuh controversy and I wouldn't say I'm known as a controversial artiste either, but I was venting, and steered it in that direction by putting all the trending topics together."

There is currently a demand for her to teach dance, as persons continue to make requests publicly on social media. She said she hopes to fulfil those requests with her upcoming Twerk Fitness Class. More music is being produced by top names such as Birchill, Blaqsheep, and Chambah.

"Nothing not taking away anything from anything, it balance. Although, for the past five years, I been dedicated to recording as a full-blown artiste and rarely dance. I dance as part of my own performances ... . Sure, my Jamaican fans would want to see that, so me a gwaan work things in my favour to be on the stage in my hometown soon," TallUp shared.

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