Scrptiid preparing to do second remix of Billboard-charting song

March 15, 2023

The recent success of a collaboration with crossover female dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has injected new life in the music career of up-and-coming recording artiste Scrptiid.

The track, On My Way, which was produced by Astyle Alive and originally released in April 2020, has allowed Scrptiid his first entry on the Billboard chart, which he told THE STAR "is just the beginning of more achievements".

Scrptiid added, "It's a real breakthrough for me, having worked on my career for roughly five years or less, because this song has opened a lot of doors for me. People want to know my story. Producers and artistes are reaching out, and it has broken down some barriers as it relates to exposure in the industry."

The artiste explained that several mainstream acts have requested to collaborate on another remix of the dancehall-Afrobeat-infused song and though unusual, he has agreed.

"Jada is creative, and I'm grateful to have had that opportunity to do an On My Way remix. I feel like there are more rewards to be reaped and I'm gonna to do another remix to the song. It can't hurt, and I want the song to reach its full potential," he said.

Contrary to his stage name, the artiste said that he has journeyed an unscripted path, having only entered the industry in 2018. Prior to that he was penning poetry, and while in high school, Scrptiid, given name Romario Hanson, contemplated becoming a professional footballer. But like many teenage boys, he said he became distracted.

Scrptiid shared, "Football was my passion and I played the sport up to about third form, and then I transitioned to cricket while at Calabar High School. I was doing sports religiously. But everyone knows teenagers can be young and dumb, [so] I started to skip out on training to follow friends, instead of putting in an extra mile."

Writing became an emotional escape, even more so after he migrated to Atlanta in search of opportunities. There was a lot of struggle, Scrptiid revealed.

"Like many Jamaicans who come to the US, [they] feel it's a bed of roses but don't realise there is process to the growth, a lot of pruning until earning the success. I even have that tattooed on my arms, 'no struggle, no success'. Coming here, first of all it was hard to find your place, or niche, as an artiste," he said.

"I think I wrote a lot, but it was not until my uncle, who was a major inspiration and influence, had passed that I turned some of that into music. Poetry and music are not much different, except that I'm in a studio voicing the words I write. And now, I'm more motivated to go the extra mile with music," Scrptiid continued.

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