Bogdanovich says Reggae Sumfest’s line-up is full

March 17, 2023

Downsound Entertainment, owners and organisers of Reggae Sumfest, are taking a strategic approach in announcing this year's line-up as the company prepares for another massive execution of the annual show in July.

At present, the team has already revealed four names, Chronic Law, Valiant, Kabaka Pyramid and Freddie McGregor. Another six names of persons including Chino and Stephen McGregor are expected to join their father Freddie on stage.

Joe Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Entertainment, is aware that several acts have publicly shared their desire to be added to the line-up for the 30th annual Reggae Sumfest staging, but he told THE WEEKEND STAR that it may not be possible.

"The line-up is full," Bogdanovich declared. "Right now, we are just about finalising with whom we have down to perform and taking our time to announce the performances we have in store."

Bogdanovich explained that they have started out big with the names of the artistes, hailing the likes of Kabaka Pyramid and Valiant for their performance within the past year.

"The line-up has always had a good collection of reggae artistes. We're talking amazing reggae music, very current dancehall music and we have some tributes that I consider to be very interesting at the international market level," he said. "The reason we secured and announced Kabaka early is because we recognise his potential. He has a great album proven to everyone by taking the Reggae Grammy award as a young artiste, which is just fantastic. And we're adding other multiple Grammy award winners. Others like Valiant are forging a path."

For its milestone celebration, the organisers are again promising to close the curtains on the show at an earlier time.

"Just get there early...because as usual we start on time and there will be a lot persons you don't want to miss out on. We have a big stage and we have quick band changes," he urged patrons. "We're going to make a very big effort to end before dawn."

"I think it's just that everybody has energy, the artistes come with a lot of energy and it has not worked out for us in regards to the late, or early morning closures which have happened the last 29 or so years, but we're improving on that," Bogdanovich continued.

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