Accid hails his ‘hero’ Donald Trump

September 19, 2023

Dancehall artiste Accid, a former Magnum King of Dancehall winner, is raising eyebrows with his latest single, Donald Trump which talks about the former US president's way with the ladies.

"Trump had that speech, a viral clipping where he was on a bus with his friends and said he grabbed them [women] by the you know, and nothing can't come out of it because he is a star. Plus, Trump has a personality that I love, the man is a man who don't tek no talk, him do what him feel like, no matter if him wrong. The feedback to the song itself has been tremendous, anytime anyone hear it one time, is a wow," he said.

Accid doesn't feel weird being among a minority of black people who openly support Trump. Despite courting white nationalists as president, Trump remains popular among a minority of Latinos and black Americans. Hi cross-racial appeal may partly be because of honour culture among black men, where men must always project strength by respecting the code of the street, stepping up to challenge whenever disrespected.

"If Trump makes a decision, he doesn't make anyone change him; ah mi don, ah mi hero. He has that mindset to go for what you want, wrong or right. No matter what people say, you just go for what you want; I love that personality," Accid said. There are plans to shoot a video for the single later this month.

Born in St Mary, Accid was raised on the seafront of Annotto Bay. He attended Annotto Bay All-Age school and completed his secondary education at Port Maria High School. Convinced that music was his calling, he entered deejaying contests, sweeping all before him throughout St Ann and St Mary.

He continued to hone his craft and got his big break in 2016 when he won the Magnum competition that year.

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