John Holt’s legacy lives on with new album

September 19, 2023
Brian Holt
Brian Holt
John Holt
John Holt

Two of John Holt's sons and his grandson pay tribute to him with Voltz Of Holt Vol. 2, an album scheduled for release in early 2024, 10 years after the legendary singer's death.

Junior Holt said the album will have 12 songs plus a bonus track. It features himself, his brother Brian, and his son Bamm.

"Most songs on this album will be original, with a few foreign cover versions and one or two of father John Holt songs," he said. The project is recorded entirely at Voltage Unlimited, a new studio in Connecticut owned by the Holts.

"We have access to our own studio now, so you'll be hearing more works soon to come in this year," said Junior Holt.

He added that Really Blow my Mind - a collaboration with himself and Bamm - is the lead single from Voltz Of Holt Vol. 2.

Brian Holt covers Baby I'm A Want You, originally done by American pop group Bread. John Holt covered it for his 1973 album, 1000 Volts of Holt.

A former member of The Paragons, John Holt died in 2014 at age 67. His hit songs with that group include Wear You to The Ball, On The Beach and Left With A Broken Heart.

As a solo artiste, he cored countless hits such as Ali Baba, Stick by Me, and Police in Helicopter.

In recent years, Junior and Bamm Holt have covered some of his songs, including Tribal War, hoping to introduce the legend to new fans.

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