New car owner stunned by new taxes

March 14, 2017
Audley Shaw

Craig Johnson considers himself to be very unfortunate having been hit with the full brunt of tax increase which took effect yesterday.

Johnson recently purchased a new vehicle, but did not have all the required documents to allow him to register it before the new taxes and duties took effect.

"It kinda unfair. Now I have to pay roughly $2,000 more," said Johnson.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw on Thursday announced a 20 per cent hike in all motor vehicle related fees at the tax office. Under the increases, which took effect yesterday, motor vehicle and driver's licence related fees for taxis moved to $9,240, up from $7,700. The same increase now applies to motor cars with a cc rating not exceeding 1199.

As for persons who own motor cars exceeding 1199 cc but not 2999 cc, they will now pay $12,600 up from $10,500.

"It is a pressuring situation for everyone. It was recently these taxes went up and now they increasing them again," Johnson lamented.

Johnson explained that he was unable to get the vehicle licence before the implementation date due to procedural issues.

Long queues

However, if Johnson wanted to beat the deadline for the implementation of the new duties and fees, he would have to endure long queues, according to Shavar McKay of the Taxpayer Service Department at the Cross Roads, St Andrew, branch.

"Friday was a pretty hectic day. However, the office is usually crowded at this time of the year and especially this time of the month," McKay said.

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