Girls recruited to strip online - Businessman seeks models to entertain customers via webcam

April 10, 2017

Jamaican women are being encouraged to take their clothes off and entertain men for money. It may seem familiar, but this is not the regular call girl type of experience. Instead, adventurous, open-minded girls, who fancy talking, texting, dancing, and stripping are being sought to show off their assets to customers via web cameras.

"We have people that are making $30,000 to $100,000 per week," said Dwight Henry, the owner of CashCam Studios, who has been busy seeking women to provide the services.

This is how it works: A woman signs up to show off her stuff; her profile is uploaded to a particular website; and men or women pay to talk to them or watch them do 'freaky' things over the Internet.


Usually ends badly


Henry keeps 50 per cent of the money, while the model gets the other 50 per cent.

"The economy of Jamaica can really benefit from this. Jamaica has this situation where no one really speaks about it, but everyone knows about it where young ladies are not making any money and they all have a gentleman or two that will come by and take care of them and that usually ends badly," he said.

However, social commentator and gender specialist Nadeen Spence believes the women who get involved in such a business are being exploited.

"It is concerning. It is one of the things that I think CTOC (Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch) should get on to. This is a case of economic coercion.

For example, she is going to school and she needs money to pay her tuition. And she finds no options but to prostitute herself. She is being taken advantage of by these persons who want to make a gain from it," Spence told THE STAR.

"A lot of people agree to do some things because they are facing some difficult reality. That is economic exploitation. Economic exploitation causes people to do things that they wouldn't have normally done because they have no choice. It needs to be investigated to see what is driving it and why."

Meanwhile, Henry said that there is a place in the webcam model business for every adult woman who is interested, whether 'fluffy' or skinny, as appearance does not dictate who does well in the business.


Internet sex


He told THE STAR that even elderly persons are welcomed to offer their services, and that in other parts of the world it is commonplace for mature models to parade themselves in front of their webcams.

Although girls control how far to go on camera, most tend to strip while others only talk to clients.

Internet sex is often frowned upon, but Henry believes it may correct some of the social ills in the country, especially as it regards health and economic sectors.

"Jamaica has a huge problem with prostitution. From Montego Bay and all these different places these prostitutes are putting themselves in danger. Jamaica also has a high HIV rate, and if you can educate persons that there is another way that they can make money without exposing themselves to the health risk and the physical abuse, then I think more people would be interested in doing it," he said.

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