Forty days without meat - Christian says she has matured spiritual after giving up chicken for Lent

April 14, 2017

Like millions of people around the world, La Shawn Richards modified her diet during Lent, which began on Wednesday, March 1 and ended yesterday. She decided to remove all meat from her diet, opting instead to rely on fish as her main source of protein.

“I am a Christian and a part of Christianity is to give up something for Lent so I wanted to explore the option to see what it is all about. It wasn’t just giving up something for giving up something sake but to see what it would do for me,” she said.

After initially finding her meatless journey straightforward, Richards said it became burdensome when she saw people eating chicken.

“It was pretty easy for the first couple of days but about two weeks in it became very difficult because I had limited options. I mainly got fish and I got bored with the fish. I was used to eating chicken so I missed it, especially when I saw persons in my household eating it,” she said.Image result for chicken, jamaica gleaner

But denying herself the meat appears to have paid off for the young Christian. When The STAR spoke with Richards last week, she said she was feeling healthier that she had developed a sense of spiritual maturity.

The Lent period reflects when Jesus fasted and suffered in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

Although Richards is eager to have a piece chicken back on her plate, Richards has already made a pledge to make a similar sacrifice next year during the period, or at least give up something that she enjoys doing.

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