After Carnival - Pastors says more souls need to be saved

April 24, 2017
Beenie Man and Allison Hinds performing at the Jamaica Carnival road march on Sunday.
These ladies wining with a police officer in the trunk of the service vehicle along Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew, during the road march on Sunday.
Bacchannal Jamaica carnival revellers.

One member of the clergy says he would not be surprised if Christians were part  of the flaunting of nakedness that took place along the streets of Kingston.

Thousands of revellers gyrated to the juggling of soca and dacehall music as road march 2017 made its way in the nation's capital.

“I would not be surprised if some of the revellers are in church. The majority of Jamaicans  still place a lot of emphasis on the faith. It is how persons interpret and express that faith,” the Reverend Dr Karl Johnson of the Jamaica Baptist Union, said.

Despite  the fact that persons may be astonished by the presence of churchgoers at carnival, Reverend Herro Blair Jr, the pastor of Spanish Town Deliverance Centre, said some churches allow members to masquerade.

“You have some churches who allow people to enjoy themselves at these events. Some churches don’t seem to have a problem with that. Where I am concerned, I don’t come to tell people that they are going to die for going to carnival,” Herro Blair Jr said.

Blair believes that although the church is doing a good job to recruit members, Christians should attend carnival, sporting events and other entertainment events to minister to persons.

“From my perspective, the church is doing it’s job, but there are other things that we need to do. For instance, if I was in a youth organisation, I would have my young people at carnival just like I would have them at sporting events. I would have them there because people at carnival need Jesus. People at sporting events need Jesus, people at bars need Jesus,” he said.

“The more people there are at carnival just means we have more people to get saved. It not like the population have not increased, it is not like we never had people going to these events. Sunsplash, Sumfest, Carnival have always been there. It simple means Jamaicans just like to enjoy themselves," the pastor said.


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