Man counting losses as car slams into his shop

May 17, 2019
The Toyota Mark X is loaded on a wrecker after it crashed into a shop along Barbican Road.

A man is left to pick up the pieces after a white Toyota Mark X slammed into his shop along Barbican Road early Friday morning.
Christopher Murray, 29, said he has been at the shop for years, where he sells to maintain himself and his two children.
“A long time me deh yah struggle enuh and it (shop) worth much because even graffiti deh pan the wall. It come in all THE STAR. Me never inna the shop, a hear me hear the noise and run out,” he said.
Reports from the residents are that the driver of the car swerved into the shop after a taxi drove out of Lane Plaza into his way.
“Breda lick him car if a that. Nuh save no car bredda. Look how you could a lose you life,” one resident said.
“You betta give thanks because if a never for the shop, you woulda go straight inna the ditch,” anothereye witness said.
Murray said that he completed renovations about two months ago on the shop and is now left to start over. 
However he said that he was happy that no one was hurt.
The driver, who was shaken by the incident, was encouraged by residents not to be intimated by drivers who do not respect the road code.
“Don't try save no car, try safe yourself. A could a wah precipice you gone over,” one man said.
A child who was close to the shop at the time of the crash was also said to be shaken by the incident.
“A run the likkle girl affi run from yah so. She so frighten,” one woman said.

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