Cabbies want loader men to cut their fees

January 21, 2021

Route taxi operators across the Corporate Area want loader men to reduce the amount they now charge for their services. On average, a loader man collects between $50 and $100 from a cabbie each time it is loaded with passengers.

However, complaining that they are feeling it in their pockets because of the restrictions, some cabbies feel that loader men should now charge less for their services.

"Di man dem still wah dem $50 and $100 and some a dem come wid badness if yuh try fi delay dem," a driver told THE STAR.

Operators of public passenger vehicles already face the harsh reality of being required to carry one fewer passenger than their licences permit. Buses are not allowed to carry standing passengers, and cars, which would normally seat four passenger, should carry no more than three. The restrictions were imposed by the Government as part of measures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.


THE STAR understands that the average loader man makes about $50,000 per month, which sometimes surpasses what a taxi operator would earn over the same period.

"Some a dem act like leeches, enuh, mi nah hide and talk," said a cab driver.

However, one loader man who operates in downtown Kingston argued that their work makes life easier for taxi operators.

"If a loader man no deh pon di stand, a nuff taxi man suffer cause dem a go spend nuff time a try load. Wi go deh and look di passengers fi dem so dem can move quick. Everything work offa time, di faster yuh move the more money yuh can mek," he said.

Another loader man, who plies his trade at a taxi stand in Half-Way Tree, said the service provided for taxi operators is essential.

"No taxi man fi really argue about how much wi charge cause a wi mek it easy for most of them, especially during the morning and evening rush. Dem cyah do without wi when yuh come to think of it," he said.

This loader man said that he can earn up to $70,000 a month.

"A five years now mi a do it, and it might have its challenges but it stop nuff gap," he said.

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