Mother of jailed taxi driver alleges police brutality

March 10, 2021

The mother of the taxi operator who was charged after a scuffle with a policeman in May Pen, Clarendon, last Thursday, is accusing the cops of assaulting her son while taking him into custody.

Evelyn Dunkley, 55, said that when she visited her son, Kemar Dunkley, at the Lionel Town Police Station on Monday, he told her that he had been beaten with a baton in the head, stomach and back after he had been arrested.

"When I saw my son he told me that he wanted to see a doctor. Him rub him chest and told me that the police officers that took him to the station stopped in the town area and used a baton to beat him up," she said. "I went to see him on Sunday, but the police there told me that they were not allowing any visitors because of COVID-19. The taxi men had a protest in May Pen yesterday (Monday) and I saw the superintendent there trying to calm them down. I went to him and told him that I went to the station but did not see my son," she said, adding that he then took her to see him.

Dunkley said that she later informed the superintendent of the matter. Head of operations for the Clarendon police Superintendent Christopher Phillips told THE STAR that he was aware of the allegations.

"I spoke to her yesterday (Monday) and advised her to make a formal report at our inspectorate branch so an internal investigation can commence," he said.

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