‘Strictly platonic’ - Senior cop says Khanice Jackson was never involved with her alleged killer

March 31, 2021

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey said that Khanice Jackson, the 20-year-old Portmore, St Catherine, woman who was allegedly murdered by mechanic Robert Fowler was never involved with him.

"I want to clarify, based on our investigations, that there was no intimate relationship between the two parties. Our understanding is that it was just a platonic relationship that existed," Bailey said. The senior cop said that Fowler, 50, periodically transported Jackson to her job in Kingston.

On Wednesday, March 24, police said that Fowler lured Jackson to his home on Watson Drive "under the guise that he forgot to take a piece of equipment relevant to his trade as a mechanic and that's how she ended up being at his home in Portmore."

Argument developed

While there, police allege that an argument developed between the two when Fowler allegedly used a piece of rope to strangle Jackson. Police believe that he raped her.

"He used a piece of rope ... a similar piece of rope was actually found at his house and he admitted that yes, the victim was strangled albeit he may have given a different account as to where the incident happened," the senior cop said.

Bailey said that, based on its investigation, the police believed the murder took place at Fowler's house and that the body remained there until the accused came from work and disposed of the body.

The body of Jackson, who lived on Manchester Avenue in Independence City, was found about 7 a.m. when a resident stumbled upon it on Dyke Road in the municipality and summoned the police. Her handbag and a bank card were found at Fowler's home.

Bailey said the police are awaiting results from a post-mortem to determine if more charges would be preferred against the accused. As things stand, Fowler faces additional charges of sexual assault and abduction, pointing to possibly a lengthy sentence.

In the meantime, residents of Watson Grove say Fowler has never endeared himself to them since he moved to the community about three years ago.

"Him will come at the shop and see the youth dem and no hail nobody... Yuh only see him inna baay high-end vehicle, him no talk to people," said a neighbour. "If yuh a pass him yard and him in deh a fix a car, him would a stop and stare pon yuh. When yuh pass, him start do back weh him did a do."

One young woman said Fowler approached her one night when he was coming in from work and invited her to his house. She went there a few days later, and claimed that Fowler offered her money and drink, which she accepted. "Him tell me say mi fi come inside and lay down on the bed, 'bout him have a big bed weh comfortable," she said, adding that she did not take up the offer.

Our news team was unable to locate any relative of Fowler. However, another resident informed us that Fowler lived alone but would receive occasional visits from his teenage daughter.

"Him have a babymother and a daughter who used to deh yah with him. She would come like inna di summer time, but she never live wid him," said one resident.

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