Dog Paw’s mom wants him to return to church

April 16, 2021

According to his mother Claris Senior, Christopher Linton was a quiet, unassuming boy, who not only attended church regularly, but got baptised at the age of 10.

The 62-year-old told THE WEEKEND STAR that her son, who was one of Jamaica's most wanted men, was one of the most lively members of the choir at the Church of Jesus Christ United Faith Apostolic in Tavern, St Andrew.

"I never pictured it like this because the best way to raise up a child is in the church and he would be in the church every day up until nine or 10 years old," said Senior. Linton was on Wednesday set free by the Court of Appeal of gun charges. Popularly known as 'Dog Paw', he and Micah Allen were sentenced to 15 years in prison on March, 15, 2013 in the High Court Division of the Gun Court. Both men were accused of shooting at two police officers on Tavern Drive, St Andrew, in April 2010. Senior said she went on a relentless fasting and praying campaign which lasted throughout her son's incarceration. However, she adds that it is going to be difficult for him to shake off the demons of his past and the stigma of being labelled one of Jamaica's most notorious gunmen.

"It wasn't easy, but we survived. Sometimes I try not to think about it. I try to just put my anger behind me. I am just hoping for a quick turnaround in his life," she said.

The police said that Linton, alleged leader of the Dog Paw gang, was ruthless and drove fear into the hearts of residents in August Town and surrounding communities before his arrest. But Senior said she always believed her son would be set free. While his future plans are unknown, she is hoping that returning to church is one of them.

"People will still remember all of this. It is not like something weh happen and just go weh like that. All I want is for him to go back to church," she said.

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