Mother needs help to beat cancer

June 17, 2021
 Veronick Bell
Veronick Bell

Veronick Bell, a 43-year-old mother of three, has been battling cancer for almost two years, after being diagnosed in 2019.

She has done surgeries to remove her breasts, but her medical woes continue. One of her kidneys is now producing excess fluid, which has to be drained each week.

"It has been really rough, very emotional and very stressful," said her husband, Damion Bell, who is known as Minister Treasure. "This cancer is a monster!"

He told THE STAR that his family is struggling to meet the expenses of daily living and providing care for his wife.

"Right now we have to cut back on everything, including food for the children. We really cyaah afford these treatments, and that's why we need donations," Bell said.

Veronick requires multiple tests and treatments to improve her condition. Her doctors have recommended chemotherapy, and she will need additional mediation.

As part of a bid to help raise funds for her, Minister Treasure will be hosting a virtual gospel concert next Saturday, June 26, on his Facebook page and YouTube channel. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. He is hoping to raise $1.2 million, and is asking that persons join the concert and donate $2,000 each.

"My wife is really suffering. Mi cry a night, sometimes all a work in a di bathroom, because mi nuh understand why this affi happen to my family. She really needs help, that's why we a duh dis, 'cause mi want har fi beat dis," Minister Treasure said.

A GoFundMe account, 'My wife battling breast cancer', has been established to help Veronick. At press time, just under US$5,500 of a targeted US$12,000 has been raised so far.

To assist Veronick Bell, donations may be made to Damion Bell's savings account

at NCB Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston branch.

Account: 134122137

Donations may also be made via GoFundMe at

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