Obeah man wants pastor’s help - Says man of God can help break Flat Bridge curse

June 17, 2021
Flat Bridge
Flat Bridge

Reuben Williams, a local obeah man, said he is calling on popular clergyman Reverend Mark Stewart to conduct a seven-day march on the 'haunted' Flat Bridge.

Williams told THE STAR that he saw the need for the march following the recent deaths of two women in the Bog Walk gorge.

"I don't know if he is going to respond to me but I know Mark Stewart is a man of God and I am asking him to do a march on the bridge with a few of his prayer warriors. They shouldn't wear red or black but wear white or orange. The orange colour will excite the spirits and get their attention and the white signify purity and calmness," he said. Stewart heads Jamaica Restoration Breakthrough Ministries.

Disturb the spirits

Williams said that Flat Bridge is haunted mainly because persons are always throwing items in the water that disturb the spirits. He stated that while there are many evil spirits dwelling in the Rio Cobre, there are three main ones, a woman, a man, and a little boy.

"The mother and son died there many years ago so right now the spirits are kicking up rumpus out there because somebody carry sumpn go dash whe disturb the river completely. The woman not suh bad but the likkle bwoy stubborn bad and a nuff time yuh see him sit down on the bridge and when him run across it, a dem times deh tings happen," he said.

Williams said he will be visiting the gorge and is willing to offer instructions to Stewart should he take up his offer. But they cannot be present at the same time.

"I can give instructions but I will not be there with Mr Stewart because the pastor's spirit and my type of spirit don't mix. He deals with familiar spirits and I deal with all types including demons and fallen angels. As I say, he may or may not reach out to me but I know he is a good pastor," he said. Williams said he visited Flat Bridge last February and reasoned with the woman spirit who left, and took the boy with her. But after not seeing them for some time, he said he recently saw the boy again, sitting on the bridge.

"But by the time I reach around the other side, him run," he said. Williams added "Mi ago go out dere in the night go drop sumpn in di river but the people dem won't know that suh dem still ago have fear. You know the mind is a powerful weapon, so when dem see Mark Stewart they will feel comfortable but I know that the real reason the bridge is going to be safe is because of me. I have a bottle of sumpn to drop in it and it will be safe after."

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