Thug searching residents’ phones

November 03, 2021

A man known as Bigga Crime, one of St Thomas' most ruthless criminals, is currently driving fear in the hearts of residents in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay, by randomly searching their cell phones to see who they're communicating with.

His tactics, according to the head of the St Thomas Police Division, Superintendent Allison Byfield, has allowed him to continuously elude the police who are finding it difficult to bring peace and order to the crime-torn community.

Byfield told THE STAR that the suspect has been linked to the five murders and numerous shootings in the area since October.

"The truth is that he drives so much fear in the persons there by the manner in which he operates. Our information is that he searches persons' phones from time to time. He would just pop up and take your phone to see who you are communicating with and if you are communicating anything about him," said Byfield.

"We have a wanted man operating in the space as well, and we are trying to apprehend him. Our information is that he doesn't reside in the space anymore but what he does is come into the area to carry out his acts as well as to terrorise the residents. We were in the space on Sunday carrying out a cardinal search operation and he is linked to most of the crime committed in the area."

The violence has left residents cowering in fear and Byfield said that one of the difficulties her officers face is getting residents to cooperate with the police.

"The residents are not really talking much. You go through the area, they welcome our presence, but they are not giving us information on how to locate him. Once we take him out of the space I believe we will see a reduction in the crime and violence in the area. We are working with our Jamaica Defence Force partners in getting this done," she said.

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