Man gets probation for stolen phone

November 15, 2021

A man was made the subject of a probation order when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Demoy Jeffery was sentenced last week for receiving stolen property; the item in question is a cellphone. He previously pleaded guilty before Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague.

Before sentencing, Jeffery asked the judge for leniency and offered an apology for his actions. The judge commended him for his honesty and expressed that persons attending court should practise being forthright and would be awarded for their integrity. Jeffery was allowed to give an explanation as to how he came to be in possession of the stolen phone.

"I saw a young man post it on BlackBerry market on Facebook and he told me the price. When he told me the price, I asked him why the phone was locked and he said it was because his uncle sent the phone without password and he was overseas. So when I bought the phone from him, I carried it home and sold it to my sister-in-law because she has a phone like it but her screen was damaged," he explained. He told the court that he paid $15,000 for the phone.

"When I reach home, my sister-in-law said to me that 'you don't see say this iCloud lock' so she said 'how you ago get back your money?'. So I post it up back and a young man said if he could buy it and I should meet him at the police station so I said 'sure, no problem.' When I reach by the Half-Way Tree Police Station a young lady went around the police desk, and she took the phone from me and start put in her iCloud information," Jeffery said. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

The judge referred to a report by the probation department, who assessed Jeffery as a low-risk offender. Cole-Montague added that she believed that the father of two has learnt a valuable lesson from the incident and made him the subject of a probation order for a period of 18 months. She also warned him to be careful in his online transactions.

After hearing his sentence, an obviously relieved Jeffery told the judge, "I swear you won't see me back here again, Your Honour."

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