Brazen thief heading to prison for second time this year

November 26, 2021

Less than a month after being released from prison where he served a six-month term for larceny, Roderick Wilson, a Corporate Area resident, is heading back to prison.

Wilson yesterday pleaded guilty to larceny by trick when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court and was sentenced to 12 months at hard labour.

The court heard that on September 29, the complainant was at the Spanish Town Shopping Centre when she saw Wilson, who spoke to her with an accent. He indicated that he wanted to buy some shoes and the complainant decided to assist. The complainant accompanied Wilson to some stores in Spanish Town to browse for shoes but she noticed that he had a bag with an undisclosed sum of money and suggested that they could travel to downtown Kingston to find cheaper shoes.

They travelled to Kingston but Wilson told the complainant that he would assist her in paying for something of her choosing. The complainant and Wilson then went into a store, and Wilson said he wanted to buy a pair of jeans. The complainant also chose a pair of jeans and Wilson prompted her to purchase it. When she went to the fitting room, she told the accused to hold her handbag. But upon returning from the fitting room Wilson had left with her belongings.

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague, who heard the case, had seen Wilson before.

"Mr Wilson, weren't you before the courts recently for the same larceny by trick? You were holding someone's handbag at a shop or something? I am sorry to alarm you Madam complainant but I have frequent clients here," the judge said.

Wilson admitted that he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment at hard labour earlier this year and was released on September 3.

"So you come out September 3 and by the 29 of September [you offended again]? Let me engage of the public: Is there anybody of the public who feel like he must not go to prison?" the judge asked.

One person in the courtroom said loudly: "A prison him fi go!" Wilson was then sentenced.

In 2017, Wilson was fined $15,000 or six months' imprisonment for stealing a woman's bag containing cash and other items valuing $70,000 in downtown Kingston. On that occasion, an eyewitness saw when Wilson took up the woman's bag which she left at the luggage counter.

Four years later, Wilson met a woman at Tropical Plaza in Half-Way Tree and told her that he was from the rural area and was interested in finding stores to do some shopping.

They ventured into a store where the complainant decided to purchase pants and went into the fitting room. She gave Wilson her bag to hold. Upon exiting the fitting room, Wilson was nowhere in sight. Her handbag was said to contain an iPhone 6s, J$8,000 and a polo T-shirt valued at $700.

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