NWC promises water for eastern Hanover town following protests

February 28, 2022
Some of the objects used by residents to protest the lack of water.
Some of the objects used by residents to protest the lack of water.

The National Water Commission (NWC) has promised to return water to residents of eastern Hanover by about March 10.

This comes on the heels of a second major demonstration staged by angry residents of several farming communities on Monday. Andrew Canon, corporate communications manager at the NWC, told THE STAR that the company had encountered some unforeseen challenges in repairing a pump.

"We have repaired the pump and the pump is now in the process of being reinstalled," he said. "That includes, you know, to have it in a proper caged structure made up of concrete and stuff, and the concrete and cement that we are mixing is going to need some time to dry." Canon said that while crews are working, the NWC is trucking water to the affected communities.

"I must stress that we are starting the trucking from Monday, where the Shettlewood customers are to be served. Tuesday it's going to be at Chester Castle. On Wednesday it's going to be Haughton Grove and Ramble and Miles Town. For Thursday it's Copse and for Friday it's Addo, Ramble and Shettlewood again," he said.

Canon also said that customers can call its Westmoreland office at 876-955-2652 or 876-955-2657 to get trucked water.

Monday's protest started as early as 6 a.m., with more than 100 angry residents mounting various roadblocks along the Chester Castle and Shettlewood main roads. They used a variety of objects including large stones, empty steel water tanks and old appliances to mount several massive blockades. With private motorists and taxi operators unable to traverse the roadway, commuters were left stranded. Residents first staged a protest last Thursday.

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