NSWMA expecting 50 new trucks

September 28, 2022

Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Audley Gordon, said yesterday that the first batch of 50 garbage trucks should be arriving on the island in the next five weeks.

"The moment we get them off the wharf they will be in your communities," Gordon told members of the Public Accounts Committee. The NSWMA will be acquiring another 50 garbage compactors next year. With a flood of complaints from residents across the country about the poor garbage collection in their communities, Gordon said that he was embarrassed at the service that the NSWMA is providing at this time. He said that until the agency gets the new trucks it will continue to face serious challenges. Meanwhile, Gordon is of the view that a high percentage of Jamaicans see nothing wrong with littering, adding that stiffer penalties are needed to address that problem.

He indicated that it was difficult to get some Jamaicans to stop discarding garbage in gullies.

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