Man stabbed to death by abusive woman

November 30, 2022
Ramone Patterson
Ramone Patterson

Ramone Patterson made several trips to the Trench Town Police Station in Kingston where he lodged reports against a woman who was allegedly physically assaulting him.

His father, Paul, said that the younger Patterson was seldom taken seriously, except for an occasion three months ago when the woman was arrested after she allegedly stabbed him in one of his arms. The matter went to court but Ramone reportedly decided to withdraw the charges.

The physical assault reportedly continued. On Monday it turned fatal after Ramone, 25, was stabbed to death, allegedly by the woman at his home in Rema.

According to the police's Corporate Communications Unit, Ramone was stabbed about 11:15 a.m. by a female who came to his house. An argument developed between them and Ramone was stabbed several times. He was rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The female who fled the scene is currently in police custody.

Yesterday, the elder Patterson said that his son endured constant abuse at the hands of the woman. He showed the news team three receipts of reports made to the police.

Patterson said Ramone was at home combing his hair when he was approached by the woman who demanded to know who was the 'hairdresser' and what she was doing at the house.

"The amount a time him go up a the station and all some a di police dem a say how him a come a station fi gyal every minute," the distraught father told THE STAR yesterday.

He described Ramone as his hands and feet, and said they shared a tight bond.

"A from him a three months old mi have him, enuh. Him madda put him down on the counter and gone leave him and mi bring him up to this. Mi give him a house and set him up because him is a good son," the distraught father said.

The elder Patterson said that Ramone, the beneficiary on his life insurance policy, was always willing to help him.

"A mi son clean out mi pig farm for mi every day. More time when mi deh here and mi sidung inna di chair here suh when mi tired, him gwan sell. Him get a work at Honey Bun as a baker recently, so him always have something a do ... him was never involved in anything wrong," Patterson said between tears.

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