Murdered windscreen wiper wanted to start own business

January 16, 2023
Seventeen-year-old Ricardo ‘ Brimm’ Abrahams.
Seventeen-year-old Ricardo ‘ Brimm’ Abrahams.

The death of 17-year-old windscreen wiper Ricardo 'Brimm' Abrahams has plunged his family into a state of deep mourning as they try to cope with the gruesome manner in which he was killed early Sunday morning in Cockburn Pen, St Andrew.

"Dem shoot out di wul a him head til him eyeball dem a pulp out. Brimm no deserve this," said the teen's 43-year-old father, Ricardo Abrahams, at his home in St Andrew.

The grief-stricken dad said that an hour before the incident occurred he was sitting on the corner with his son and a group of people.

"Mi nuh normally go to bed early but because of how the night get cold mi decide fi go inside earlier than usual. A me and him deh outside wid some other people when me leave and go inside fi go lay down," Abrahams said.

The father said that it felt as if his bowel had shifted when he stood over his dead son, who was covered in blood. Brimm's mother, Sophia Robinson, 38, also cut a dejected figure.

She, too, was completely distraught as she processed the sad circumstances behind her son's demise. The teenager was allegedly ambushed by gunmen as he walked home from a nearby corner shop.

"A juice him go buy and something fi eat when dem corner him," Robinson said.

The family believed that Brimm was targeted by the perpetrators who they say had blamed him and another male for the disappearance of another man from the area on December 23.

However, the police could not corroborate the family's claims.

"I have not been briefed of such but an investigation has already commenced into this particular incident. We are following every possible lead," said Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, who heads the often bloody St Andrew South Police Division.

But the family was adamant that their theory was correct. In fact, a relative said that there were plans to alert the police about certain 'talks' that they heard floating around days leading up to Brimm's demise.

"A last night (Saturday) mi confront him bout it and him himself couldn't believe weh mi a say. Him never tek it serious because him know say him no inna no wrong doings. But dem a spread it say a Brimm and a next youth mek di man disappear. We did a plan fi go a Hunts Bay (Police Station) go report it," the relative disclosed.

Abrahams, who professed to be a 'hustler', said that his son, despite being a windscreen wiper, was not neglected by his parents.

"Me hustle, him mother hustle and him deh outta road a wipe glass. But it no mean say him did left up suh, a me and him live here and every night him affi inna di house when mi a gaa mi bed," he said.

The father also pointed that his son was well-loved by the community and had big plans for his own life.

"Him and everyone get along. Brimm have him ways yes, but him full a manners and him nah argue wid yuh. The most him will do a fan yuh off. Him always say that him want a bike and run him own business. A that him did a wipe car glass and save towards and dem just kill him so," the tearful father disclosed.

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