Schoolboy shot by licensed firearm holder

January 18, 2023

A male student and a factory manager are nursing gunshot wounds after being injured in two separate shooting incidents in St Thomas yesterday.

The teen, who attends the St Thomas Technical High School in Golden Grove, was shot in the buttocks by a licensed firearm holder who was responding to a brawl outside the gates of the institution.

Deputy Superintendent Oneil Thompson, who is the operations officers for the St Thomas Police Division, told THE STAR last night that the wounded youngster was recovering in hospital.

"Information is that there was some brawl in the vicinity of the school where there were two or more children. One used a knife to stab another and a licensed firearm holder who saw what was happening intervened and discharged his firearm," Thompson said.

In the other incident, a manager at the Serge Island Diary Farm, which is in Seaforth, was shot and injured by an unknown assailant on the compound.

Thompson shared that the incident took place about 2:30 p.m. and that the manager, who is also a licensed firearm holder, was heading towards his cottage when he was attacked by the perpetrator.

"We are in the process of searching for that weapon. At this time we cannot say if the assailant took the firearm. But we are investigating that also," he said.

The manager was reportedly rushed to hospital by his staff who came to his aid after hearing the explosions. Thompson added that the police are yet to determine a motive.

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