USA-bound woman murdered at home

September 18, 2023

Tia Tamera Ferron was counting down the days to reunite with her father in the United States of America. The 20-year-old Charlemont High School past student also had plans of joining the US Army.

Unfortunately, Ferron's dream was shattered to pieces on Saturday night after a lone gunman entered her dwelling in Banbury, Linstead, St Catherine, and shot her multiple times in her kitchen. She died on the spot.

According to police report, about 8:50 p.m., residents reported hearing explosions and contacted the Linstead police. Upon the lawmen's arrival, Ferron was found laying in a pool of blood with what appeared to be bullet wounds to her upper body. She was taken to the Linstead Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

When THE STAR visited the community yesterday, small groups of persons were seen speaking about the horrific incident. Three of Ferron's relatives sat on the verandah but they were too distraught to speak with the press. Her grandfather emerged minutes later, and his eyes were teary and swollen.

"Tia was a nice, jovial and good little girl. She have manners and everybody in the community like her," he said.

Ferron was, until recently, employed at a call centre, but gave up the job as she prepared herself to migrate. "She did a plan to join di army," her grandfather said.

He said that prior to her death, she was her usual bubbly self and had everyone laughing as she played a game of water war with the children in the household.

"She a laugh and she even play a game of water war in the yard. One of the time she sit in one of the car and she was just happy. We drive guh up the road and come back, and in the evening she tell mi seh she a guh bake a cake mix, and the two ah wi in the kitchen. That was the last time mi talk to mi granddaughter," the grandfather said.

The elderly man expressed said Ferron was the stay-at-home type and had no idea someone would want to hurt her.

"As far as mi know, Tia and no one don't inna any problem. She has been here with us. This is where she grow. Her boyfriend is a soldier, suh sometimes she would be in Spanish Town as well. She isn't the type who is going to be on the road, she is a good little girl," the grandfather said.

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