Passenger breaks cabbie’s radio

September 21, 2023

A female passenger had to replace a taxi driver's radio, after she destroyed it when the driver said he was not carrying her to her destination because of bad roads.

According to the defendant Christian Clarke, she informed the complainant of her destination and he informed her that he would not be taking her there.

"He put the car in reverse and I told him if him put the car in reverse, me ago thump out the radio and I did," Clarke explained, after pleading guilty to malicious destruction of property.

"Your Honour, when me put the car in reverse, is when we reach the final destination. We reach the asphalt road and she tell me go round the road, but is stone and gravel. I put the car in reverse and she just fist the radio. I put the car in reverse and she say anyhow me nuh bring her round deh, she ago do whatever. I couldn't drive around there because my car low and the road nuh good," the complainant rebutted.

"We live in a time where, and I am sure you are aware, people go in taxis and it is a big risk, you don't know the person. You know sometimes that they drive away with women and all sort of things, you can appreciate that," Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque argued.

But the complainant interjected, stating that he does not accept the judge's explanation for Clarke's


"I don't accept that, Your Honour, because I take her into her community, I take her off the main road. Me take her down there even though the road nuh good, I explained it to her," the complainant stressed.

Clarke and the complainant attended mediation and the defendant agreed to make compensation of $31,000 for the damaged item. The monies were paid in court and Clarke was admonished and discharged.

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