Peeping Tom torments pregnant neighbour

October 03, 2023

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque scoled a Corporate Area man as he admitted to taking pictures of his heavily pregnant neighbour, while she was naked in her bedroom.

"It's for security reasons Your Honour. I was just taking pictures of the place because where I rent with my people, it's a volatile area. It was in the phone and I delete it. I did nothing with it," the defendant Oral McLarty explained, before pleading guilty to breaching the Cybercrimes Act. According to the complainant, who is now nine months pregnant, the incident happened in August.

"It was summer and my body did hot so what I normally do, I just take off my clothes and close the door. How my babyfather set the room, there is a space over our head. I was on my phone and me can see the shadow come over and I thought it was an insect, but it was his [McLarty] phone and him move the phone same time," the woman shared with the court.

However, McLarty was adamant that he only took the pictures because his spouse, who also lives on the property, told him to "find out who is outside".

"She [the complainant] is in the bed of her babyfather, so who you think was in the bed? And even if there was someone else in the bed, whose business is that? What kind of security measures you were going to put in the people dem bed?" the senior judge scolded him.

The complainant shared further that she immediately reported the matter to the Cross Roads Police Station, and when McLarty was apprehended, more naked photos were found in his phone.

"I was embarrassed. I feel emotionally drained being that police and other people see my picture and he has videos of me and my babyfather naked. It is not the first time that he is doing this," the woman said, indicating that she requested $400,000 in compensation from McLarty.

The complainant noted further that the situation has forced her and her babyfather to vacate the premises.

The matter was adjourned until November 13, for the complainant and McLarty to attend restorative justice. The amount of compensation is to be decided then.

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