Speid cautious despite ending Molynes’ unbeaten run

October 22, 2019
Alex Marshall (second from right) celebrates with his teammates after scoring against Humble Lion on September 15.
Alex Marshall (second from right) celebrates with his teammates after scoring against Humble Lion on September 15.

Af ter ending newcomers Molynes United's seven game unbeaten run, Cavalier FC's coach, Rudolph Speid, is still not comfortable with the position of his side this season.

But he believes he would feel better if his team win their upcoming back-to-back against last season's finalists, Waterhouse FC and Portmore United.

"Cavalier on their best day is a dangerous team and we are always improving, as you can see in the 2-2 result against Mount Pleasant, you could see we are getting there. With the return of Alex Marshall, Damoy Simpson at centre-half, and Nicholas Hamilton coming back to full fitness, that made us stronger. Plus, we looked at what they were doing and came up with a plan to counter them and all that we did really worked, we figured out how we can defeat them and we executed," he said.

But despite the number of positives they have experienced over the last couple weeks, Speid is not predicting that his team will kick on and go on a run of victories; instead, he remains cautious with Waterhouse on the horizon for this weekend and Portmore to follow on the next match day.

Hard teams

"The only problem now is, we are really running the gaunlet. We played Molynes, the league leaders, then next week we have Waterhouse and then we have Portmore, so we are playing all the hard teams now. It's good that we are playing a bit better, but we are running the guanlet. But we just want to make sure that at the end of the first round we are in the top six and we will be satisfied," he reasoned.

Nevertheless, he believes these two games will be a good gauge for where they actually are in regard to the top teams. "During the season, we always play Waterhouse very well and it took a long time for them to beat us in the semi-finals last year. Portmore will be a good test against the best team in the league. They started bad and are now gaining ground, so it's really a good test for us to see if we have arrived and in the frame of mind to kick on by playing those two teams.

"But we are not afraid of challenges, we are happy about what we are doing. We see the improvements and our players are coming back, and we feel better that we can fight everybody right now," he added.

Cavalier have three wins from eight matches. They are fourth in the table with 11 points, the same as fifth-placed Humble Lion. They have three games remaining in the first round.

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