Dunbeholden FC in shock after death of top executive

September 20, 2021
Clifton Hewitt
Clifton Hewitt

Dunbeholden team manager Paul Christie says the club and community have lost an irreplaceable figure in vice-president Clifton Hewitt, who passed away on Friday.

Christie said the suddenness of Hewitt's passing has jolted the club and the community, as no one was expecting the worst when the veteran administrator complained of feeling ill recently.

"The entire community of Dunbeholden is in shock and mourning. He was a pillar of the programme at Dundeholden. He supported the club from the Major League to Super League and now the Jamaica Premier League (JPL), so he was ingrained in the system.

"What is shocking is that he wasn't a sickly person. He just said he was not feeling well and went to the hospital and got tested and he unfortunately passed away on Friday," he told STAR Sports.

Hewitt, who is married to Nicole Creary-Hewitt, is survived by daughter Gabbrielle. An employee at J Wray and Nephew, Hewitt assisted many in the community in getting jobs and Christie said his contribution has not gone unnoticed.

Integral in the community

"He was integral in the club and integral in the community. Even in the Waterhouse community he helped people with jobs. So he has a great relationship with that community as well.

"He always in the background trying to help in whatever way he can," he said.

"It was after Friday that you heard how many people he helped and how many families relied on him. He might really be one of the irreplaceable ones," he continued.

"I want his family to know that the time he spend around Dunbeholden football and community, he was really touching people's lives and family's lives in a positive way.

"He really assisted a lot of people in so many ways and we would like to thank his family to allow him to reach out and have such a positive impact on so many people and it will not go unnoticed. It is truly and dearly appreciated," he stated.

Dundeholden finished seventh in the JPL regular season, missing out on a playoff spot by a point after losing their final preliminary round game 5-2 to Mount Pleasant.

"We woke up this morning (Sunday) hoping that this (Hewitt's passing) was not a fact. We are in shock and we want to remember him, as he has given so much to our football development and community," Christie added.


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