Ready to leave this married man

November 29, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 59 years old and I used to work as a security officer for over 12 years in three different companies. While I was working at one place, I met this man who was my supervisor.

As the years went by, he started to tell me how much he loved me, so I asked him whether he could love two women at the same time. He said no. The reason why I asked him was because I heard that he was married. I asked him what had happened to his wife. He told me that they didn't have anything going on, and she did not even call him at work any more.

One night he slept at my house, and I searched his phone and I saw how many texts she sent to him. When he found out that I saw these texts, he was very upset. This man has four different types of sickness, that is why his wife took out two different insurance policies for him and turned away from him. I know that no woman should ever find herself with another woman's husband.

From the time I slept with this man, he has been telling me that life will soon be better. How can a smart woman sit down and let a man who is still married and still living with his wife in the same house tell her crap? This man is 50 years old and his wife is 44. She has saved all the money that he has given to her, and now she is going back to school because she wants to be a basic school teacher. She is in college and he is still a security officer. He is only looking someone to solve his sexual urges.

I have inherited this kind of lifestyle from my mother, because throughout all my mother's life she was with married men. My mother has 12 children, and about eight of them are for married men. So I know that this is a generational curse in my life, and so I told this man to leave me. Please pray for me. I need deliverance from God himself.


Dear M.,

You are disappointed in this man. He is much younger than you. I suppose you were hoping to get much more out of him, but he does not have much to give.

Very soon you may have to retire and he will have many more years before his retirement. You found this man to be a liar. When you found out that he was married, you should have allowed him to go his own way. Why would his wife take out two insurance policies for him? Is it because she believes that he may die soon and she will be able to cash in on these policies? You are not happy about that, because you would be left in the cold.

His wife is only in her 40s and she is endeavouring to educate herself. Whether or not this man is speaking the truth about the relationship with his wife, you should tell him to go and not return. You should seek to have a single man who is unattached, or keep yourself quiet. You are not going to get anything out of this man.

I hope you are insured. Don't blame your mother for anything. You are 59 years old, you have your own life to live. Be very careful in what you do. You asked for prayers; I shall be praying for you.


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