Friends say I can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding

September 15, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 22 years old and I gave birth a couple of months ago. I was advised to breastfeed.

My husband and I have resumed having sex. He knows that we are not ready for another child. But I was told by my friends that I cannot become pregnant while I am breastfeeding. I find that very difficult to believe. My sister told me that while she was breastfeeding and having sex, she became pregnant, so I should not listen to what I hear from some people. I am really worried because I told my husband what I heard and he said we might as well enjoy ourselves until I stop breastfeeding.

What do you know about this matter? I am looking forward hearing from you.


Dear I.T.,

I would suggest that you pose these questions to your obstetrician. Don't believe everything you hear on the street, so to speak, or even from older women who have had many children and insist that what they tell you should be taken as facts.

I know for sure that a nursing mother may become pregnant about six weeks after the birth of a baby. I once talked to some very good friends; the gentleman was a pastor, and his wife, occasionally, chased him down to have sex with her. I discovered that they had two children who were not twins, but they were born a few months apart in the same year, so I was puzzled and I asked how did that happen. The wife told me that she became pregnant just about weeks after she gave birth.

This particular couple admitted that they truly enjoy having sex with each other and they didn't care what people may say about them. Again I say, take up this matter with your doctor.


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