Bubi and Princess Diana star in music video

September 21, 2023
Diana And Bubi
are revelling in their first music video, Tactikal’s ‘Cougar’.
Princess Diana And Bubi are revelling in their first music video, Tactikal’s ‘Cougar’.

TikTok sensations Bubi and Princess Diana have made their on-screen debut in a music video for the aptly titled single Cougar and the reviews have been overwhelming.

'Cougar' is a term given to an older woman who is in a relationship with much younger man, as is the case with the social media sensations. The song is done by dancehall newcomer Tactikal for Mineral Boss Records and System Muzik. The Jacques Road couple, given names Devaney Bernett and Keisha Hammond, told THE STAR that they are looking forward to more requests for features, but are not rushing things. They said their fans have been cheering for them and the decision to be part of the music production was an easy one.

Princess Diana said, "It wasn't a hard decision to make because basically the song nuh really a talk 'bout we enuh, it a talk 'bout we situation. Tactikal is a young up-and-coming artiste and we again TikTok famous. The song is gonna go far." Bubi was elated to play the lead role in the music video production as well.

"The song Cougar is a good song and it match 'cause you done know as a young youth a deal with a big woman. The song hit. We would like to be in more music videos but we nah haste anything. If it come it come," he said, adding that he believes the single can reach great heights. The couple posted a snippet of the Cougar music video on their TikTok page with a following of more than 45,000, and fans have been begging for more.

Tactikal, who is currently in Canada, told THE STAR that finding Bubi and Princess Diana was the ideal thing to spark further interest in the song.

"The idea for the song came from TikTok trend on 'cougar' and I used the intro, a voice over by a woman, to build out the song. When Mineral Boss hear it, she said it bad and deserving of full production and the rest is history," the Black Card deejay said.

Tactikal said the video is doing well since its release and the traction will definitely pick up once more people become aware of it and the lead actors in the video. The music video was shot by Promaxx.

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