Brother prays for return of missing teacher

April 06, 2021
Natalie Dawkins, the missing teacher.
Natalie Dawkins, the missing teacher.

"That woman is a miracle with children," said a barely audible Garfield Campbell when asked about his sister, Natalie Dawkins, the much-loved, 43-year-old teacher who has been missing since Tuesday, March 30.

"She is a person like this; everybody she encounters, she always leave a mark, and it is a good mark. Everybody loves her because she is a good person," he added.

A search party comprising family members, friends, police with canine support, as well as soldiers, yesterday continued the search for the teacher. However, despite their best efforts, there was no sign of her.

Campbell, who works as a watchman at Four Paths Primary and Junior High School, where his sister teaches, described her as loving, caring, and one who loves children.

"She is a very nice person! If you go to her and say, 'Natalie, I want you drop me there so,' she nah go hesitate. She a drop everything and say, 'Come, mi ready.' That is the type of person she is, so mi no know why a person would do this to her," he said.

Dawkins has been missing since Tuesday. Reports from the Four Paths police are that Dawkins was last seen at home about 11:30 a.m., when her neighbour contacted her about her car alarm that kept going off.

The police further reported that the following morning, her relatives tried to contact her, but the calls went unanswered. The family was informed by the Spanish Town police that Dawkins' handbag was found along the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000.

Police on Saturday recovered the teacher's car during an operation in Bellas Gate near Bellfield, St Catherine. The police say one man was killed and a firearm seized during the operation. Another man escaped.

Campbell said that the family is anxious for news of her whereabouts.

"Right now I don't know my head different from my foot, I haven't slept from Wednesday. Saturday was the first something went to my mouth, and it is because mommy force me to eat something. Why somebody would do this to Natalie? I don't know of her [being] in any problem with anybody.

"Mi just wah hear har voice, mi just wah see har smile. Mi wah hug har up! Mi wah mi sister back, mi want her back," he said.

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