Father shoots son to death

April 13, 2021

Ricardo Knight, whose brother Ruel Knight was shot and killed during an argument with their father, said that the nerve-racking experience has left him heartbroken.

The incident took place yesterday morning at the family's place of business in Papine, St Andrew. Ricardo stated that moments before Ruel, 35, was shot, he had intervened in a scuffle between his father and another sibling.

"Ruel come and say 'wi cyah have no argument right now cause di man dem a work'. It get more intense and a worker come and say 'Mr Knight, dis nuh call fah'. Him turn to him and say 'Malcolm, mi alright' and as him walk off, wi hear bow bow! After Ruel get di shot dem him say 'Daddy, yuh see how yuh shot mi though'. That was the last thing weh come out a him mouth," Ricardo, 43, told THE STAR.

Ruel was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was pronounced dead. Ricardo said that Ruel's death would be difficult for the family to overcome.

"Di whole a wi grow together. Wi go bird bush together and wi do everything as brothers. A lot of people love him," he said. The father reportedly turned himself in at the Papine Police Station. Ricardo said that Ruel and their father were extremely close. "It just unfortunate how things go dung," he said.

A police constable assigned to the police's Corporate Communications Unit told THE STAR that an official report was not available.

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