Bernard wants more football contributors honoured before death

January 27, 2023
Ludlow Bernard
Ludlow Bernard

Veteran coach Ludlow Bernard, days after collecting his Certification of Merit at the RJRGLEANER Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards ceremony, is calling for more people from the local football fraternity to be recognised before they die.

"Nice weekend for me and a nice weekend for football," Bernard said. "(However) they really need to honour others. There are others other than myself who are just as or even more deserving than me for these kinds of accolades but we don't want to wait until people are 'six-feet-six'. They should do it now."

Bernard, who last year was the first coach to hold the Jamaica Premier League (JPL), Manning Cup and Olivier Shield titles simultaneously, made his call to the local football governing bodies.

"I am imploring the various federations, mainly the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), the various parish (football) groups, you really need to be honouring people. There are many people in the past who have contributed to and without any acknowledgement whatsoever. Personally, I am glad (I received an award), but I want to see it happening more for others," he said.

The Harbour View coach, who guided them to lift their fifth JPL title, believes it was a season to remember.

"Coach (Leebert) Halliman visited me one day and we had a nice little talk and he said, 'Coach, you know that you are blessed'," Bernard said while admitting that he wants to achieve more during his coaching career.

"I had to agree with him (Halliman) because it must have something to do with probably the efforts that I've put in. Not saying that others haven't, but the genuineness of it all, to make a difference in the lives of various young people. For me, it is indeed a great achievement and I look forward to achieving more," he said.

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